The Kaduna State chapter of Association of  Printing Practitioners of Nigeria (ASSPPON) has refused to identified itself with the national body of the ASSPPON, thereby continued to operate without the legal backing of the national body of the association


Our investigation revealed that the association is yet to be inaugurated by the national body despite its popularity.


In an information made available to us, it shows that one of the key members of the association registered the body and obtained a certificate from the Ministry of Youth in Kaduna State in order to aid bank account opening process with the intent for  fraudulent activities in the association .


According to our source who pleaded anonymity, he said that the problem with Kaduna State ASSPPON centres around the fraudulent acts of some of the key members of the executives whose continued fraudulent activities has hindered the growth and development of association over the years.

His words: “The Kaduna ASSPPON conducted Annual General Meeting for 2019 and the committee could not give an accurate financial account of the AGM till date and that is one out of many fraudulent activities going on in the Kaduna state chapter of the association. He stated.

While putting our story together, some of the executive members of the chapter were contacted to hear their views on the story before publishing but no concrete response to debunk our source’s information.