Canon Solutions Launches “Print is Life” Campaign

Canon Solutions America, a subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Inc., has launched the “Print is Life” campaign to emphasize the integral role of print in everyday life. The campaign underscores print’s versatility in evoking positive emotional responses and achieving impactful results for customers.

The “Print is Life” campaign showcases the value of a print in attracting attention, aiding in product sales, and promoting sustainability. The initiative aims to educate businesses and consumers on the enduring power of print in a digital age, emphasizing its unique benefits over digital-only communication methods.

Central to the campaign is the Print is Life resource centre, a comprehensive platform offering insights into the effectiveness of print. Topics covered include the advantages of direct mail, the interplay between print and digital media, and the sustainability of print as a communication tool.

Supporting the campaign are data and studies from reputable organizations such as TwoSides and ScienceDirect. These sources provide evidence of print’s effectiveness and its role in mitigating issues like computer vision syndrome, an increasingly common problem among digital device users.

Canon Solutions America’s initiative highlights the continuing relevance of print in a rapidly digitizing world. By promoting print’s emotional and practical benefits, the “Print is Life” campaign aims to reinforce the importance of print media in modern communication strategies.