CIPPON Council Member Indicted for Fraud

One of the Northern Council member of the Chartered Institute of Professional of Nigeria (CIPPON) has been indicted for signature forgery of the First Bank account of the Association of Printing  Practitioners of Nigeria (ASSPPON)

Investigations revealed that this Council member who is a stakeholder in ASSPPON collaborated with the bank staff in the Northern part of Nigeria to forged the signature of the General secretary of the association

In the cause of Printers Digest magazine’s  investigation, it discovered that disputes erupted in the association as a result of the forgery which led to the frozen of ASSPON’s First bank account

According to a reliable source who pleaded anonymity, he said: ” A committee was set up to investigate the forgery of the General Secretary of the association’s signature by meeting with the Branch Manager of the bank, one Mr. Chigbogu D Akaolisa, and discoveries revealed that, the was a forgery in which the printout was sighted in the mandate form, the committee requested for the original mandate card but was told it has been dispatched to the headquarter in Abjua” .

In addition to the meeting with the Branch Manager, the account officer who opened the association’s account was also interrogated and several discoveries pointed to CIPPON council member as the brain behind the forgery