Princess Funlayo Okeowo is an oriented industrialist with diversified international experience in the art of manufacturing and producing envelopes in Nigeria. Recognized for uniqueness in creative and resourceful approach that gets the job done, combined with poise and professionalism with customers, vendors, international investors, and counterparts, especially in high pressure time sensitive environments. Acknowledged for excellent interpersonal skills that builds high customer satisfaction and improves the company as well as Nigeria’s reputation internationally. She is highly motivated and one responsible individual who enjoys a challenge, with a proven track record of successfully developing people and commercializing all aspects of a business. Well networked individual with a passion to lead. She is an adept promoter of appropriate capacity building for the development of suite of skills required by the factory.

Princess Funlayo Okeowo is strong willed with about 20 years of hands-on experience as the managing director /chief executive of FAE Ltd; the leading envelope manufacturing company in Nigeria. Princess is passionate about the continued success of FAE Ltd, and has taken every prowess within her reach to move FAE Ltd forward.

She studied business management at Lagos Business School; Executive business leadership program did her PGD in marketing at Nigeria Institute of Journalism and got a BA (Hons) in printing from Nottingham University United Kingdom.

She’s a member of Lagos chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), member of institute of director (IOD), a board member at Lagos state polytechnic, the current chairman of paper printing pulp, publishing sector of MAN (6P’s), member of hope association; African Bethlehem Cathedral Church (ABCC) patroness to many church association and a member of Nigeria Business women forum (NUBF).

She has successfully led the struggle against the Wema Board Estate on behalf of MAN Ikeja Branch to retain ownership of her property in the Estate, Professionalism, customer satisfaction, multi tasking and high achievement at the MAN Ikeja Branch, Restructured MAN Centre Ikeja Branch whereby generating more revenue for MAN. She is trusted with special high priority and complicated matters requiring unique blend of loyalty, she was appointed as the Sole Agent of International Printing Exhibition (IPEX) Birmingham to organize and coordinate delegates from Nigeria to the printing exhibition.

She Planned and Implemented new envelope machine technology upgrade and acquisition that meets budget, delivered a profit of over 50% in 2014 stark contrast from company’s low profit in prior years, positioned FAE as a leader in the envelope industry in Nigeria by: Catapulting revenue growth 50% just 1 year, acquire new modern envelope technology, expanded sales channels and distribution network to 70% across the Federation, Increase envelope capacity from 6000 to 10,000, became a leader and No.1 in Nigeria envelope market and Introduced innovative approach to customized envelopes with new technology.