FESPA Awards 2017 Hots-up, as Organizers Partner DCS Integrated Media Limited

As calls for registration of interest for the 2017 edition of FESPA award takes top gear, PRINTERS DIGEST magazine can report that organizers of the print award have entered into partnership with the management of DCS Integrated Media Limited with the latter to serve as a collection point for all Nigerian registrants.

FESPA awards are recognized as one of the most important awards programmes in the global print industry. It supports winners with promotional opportunities in multiple markets which help drive up sales, as well as bring wider recognition and kudos among designers and buyers. It is strictly for the best, most innovative printers.

Open to all screen, digital, specialists and ‘multi-technologies’ users for printing, sign and POP making, textile, decoration and industrial applications as well as all members and non-members of any Association member of FESPA, the award is scheduled to take place at FESPA Digital 2016 in Amsterdam on 9 March and would be judged by industry experts who in turn have contributed significant advances to the techniques and technology across the industry.


Within each category below, the entrant can then choose from one of three sub categories:

  1. Digital printing only.
  2. Screen printing only.
  3. Mixed techniques (offset + digital or + screen, or digital + screen, etc.).


  1. Point of Purchase Products: printing on paper and board, including paper banners and backlit papers.
  2. Point of Purchase Products printed on all types of plastics, including plastic banners and backlit plastic + lenticular, plastic printing in sheets, flexible or rigid.
  3. Posters, single sheets and multi-sheets.
  4. Original Serigraphies and Giclees and Fine Art reproductions, books and brochures.
  5. Decals, printed labels, fleet marking, window decals, etc.
  6. Special effect screen printed over offset, digital or screen printed images and other innovative applications.
  7. Special effect on t-shirts and other garments, including embroidery, additions of pearls, metal, circuitry, etc.

8 T-shirts and other garments, direct printing, transfers and roll-to-roll.

  1. Roll-to-roll printed textile for decoration and pennants, banners, tapestries, draperies and other textile products (eg. bags, scarves, ties, etc).
  2. Glass, ceramic, metal and wood products eg. tableware, tiles, glasses, mirrors curved and flat, direct printing, decals, glass and ceramic, metal and wood products, signs and objects.
  3. Direct printing on three dimensional products, bottles, mugs, skis, packaging, etc.
  4. Non Printed Signage: Channel Lettering, Neon Signs, Signwriting, Etching, engraving and dimensional signage, acrylics, non-printed vinyls, etc.
  5. Miscellaneous: compact discs, credit and phone cards, automobiles, IMD, fascias, dials, nameplates, signs, gauges etc Printed Circuits and membrane switches, hybrid circuits, RFIDs, solar cells, etc.
  6. Cross media print campaign of the year: entries must have an element of print and may also include, but are not limited to: live media, interactive displays and signage, social media, online interactivity, live events, mobile apps, scannable codes, personalisation and printed products.
  7. Young Star This award is separate from the main award entries. The young star award spans across every category and is marked across all the categories. This award is open to those aged 16-25 working as a junior employee or student in any print related discipline.

Judging Criteria

  1. Excellence in execution of print quality and technical expertise (relevant to the application).
  2. Image definition, precision (registration) and sharpness (0-20 points).
  3. Colour appearance (0-20 points).
  4. Appropriate use of techniques, design, media, and creativity for the application (choice of print and techniques to meet the objectives of the project).
  5. Job complexity (0-30 points).
  6. Product use (0-10 points).
  7. Creativity, Aesthetical aspect (0-10 points).
  8. Selling efficiency/ROI for the end-user of the printed item(s) (0-10 points).

How To Enter

Stage 1: complete the application form before January 29th.

Stage 2: send your entry to your local drop off point before January 29th

Drop-off Point in Nigeria:

Printers Digest published by DCS Integrated Media Limited, 44 Abeokuta Street, Anifowoshe-Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. DCS Integrated contact: Norah +234 09096135149 Dcsintegratedmedia@yahoo.com





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