Japanese multinational photography and imaging company Fujifilm, has launched the new Acuity Select HS 30 series, with a top print speed of 57.6 m2 per hour, nearly double the speed of the Acuity Select 20 series.

The new HS 30 which can print on substrates up to 50.8mm thick, comes in six or eight channels versions across six models. It is available in the standard 2.5 x 1.25m and X2 (2.5 x 3.08m) print-bed sizes. A roll option is available for each.

Acuity Select HS 30 offers enhanced print quality with the option of using light cyan and light magenta – ideal for producing photographic images or fine art reproductions. The new pneumatic pin registration system allows quick and easy media loading, while productivity is further improved by an automated printhead maintenance system.

Like the Acuity Select 20 series, the addition of light inks means that the 30 series also comes in two channel variations – 6 and 8 channels –  across six new models, which offer print quality to meet the exacting standards of the  photographic and fine art sectors.

The new Acuity Select HS 30 series is designed to achieve the highest print quality possible by combining true flatbed architecture with greyscale technology.



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