Get Yourself Acquainted with the CIPPON ACT

Have you been getting yourself acquainted with the CIPPON ACT as a professional printer? Here we continue with the series of getting you acquainted with the ACT.

5. —— (1) the council shall have power to:
(a) Formulate the general policies and rules relating to the administration of the institute;
(b) Supervise the management of the affairs of the institute;
(c) Subject to the provisions of this Act, make, alter and revoke rule and regulations for carrying on the functions of the institute; and
(d) Do such other things which in the opinion of the council are necessary to ensure the efficient performance of the functions of the institute.

6. —– (1) there shall be a president and three vice presidents of the Institute who shall be elected by the members of the council, subject to section 8 of this Act.

(2) the president presides over meetings of the institute, so however that in the event of the death, incapacity or inability, for any reason of the president, the first vice president shall act in his stead for the unexpired portion of the term of office, or as the case may be, references in this Act to the president shall be construed accordingly.

(3) The president or the first vice-president shall respectively be chairman and vice-chairman of the council of the institute.
(4) If the president or any of the vice-president ceases to be a member of the Institute he shall cease to hold any office under this session.