How printing, branding aid businesses, contribute to economy — Olawoyin

Akolade Tolulope Olawoyin, the chief executive officer (CEO), Procare Multimedia, has argued that printing and branding aid businesses is one of the major contributing factors to Nigeria economy.

The fast-rising entrepreneur made it known during an exclusive interview where he spoke on the need for business owners to invest more in the visibility of their brands and services by engaging the services of brand strategists, commercial printers graphic designers, and advert executives across all mediums.

He said: “The importance of branding and printing in the scheme of things when it comes to business cannot be underestimated. I have always said this whenever a conversation like this is raised.

“While some people believe social media moves faster in the dissemination of information or placement of adverts as it tends to address a seemingly large audience, I can guarantee you that the number of people who have no access to internet in Nigeria are many and with banners, branded vehicles and signages around, the pictures and whatever they read out there tell a story to their mind, and works perfectly for business owners and clients that call for our services at Procare multimedia.”

The Procare multimedia boss added that: “In fact, some of our clients have given us feedbacks on how the management of their brands’ visibilities physically across cities by us has increased their customer base as they have gotten a lot of walk-in audience who spotted their banners, handbills and billboards somewhere and are fascinated by the creativity around the outcome.”

He then , concluded that Nigerian business owners need to as a matter of urgency consider physical branding and commercial printing for upscales in their businesses as the class of illiterates and semi-illiterates clientele get better understanding of what’s being portrayed easily about their brands than other mediums of passing information across.

“It is the earlier the better Nigerians agree to the fact that customers that are illiterates and semi-illiterates who commute on our roads quickly grasp whatever is being captured in the model or picture that’s being portrayed in any business outfit they come across. This is what our politicians don’t joke with during campaigns.”