Inkjet Business in Nigeria Can Be Profitable Again – Akin Oduwole

Managing Director of Technology Global Services Limited – Akin Oduwole has said that inkjet business in Nigeria can be profitable again. He made this statement at the recently organized open house discussion forum in conjunction with his foreign partners, Agfa Graphics – World renowned printing equipment manufacturers.

Mr. Oduwole expressed optimism over his organization together with Agfa in ensuring that inkjet sector bring back the lost businesses by giving all necessary support to players. “Nobody would stop Chinese machines from coming into the Nigerian market but inkjet players who buy Chinese machines because they are more affordable should examine their Return On Investment and profitability as they would end up spending more than they ought on repairs as against buying durable machines that would give premium quality.

He went further to encourage inkjet players to collaborate with one another and pull resources together  for bulk order of consumables at a more affordable rate which would in turn make their businesses competitive thus translate to increased profitability.

Speaking at the event, Agfa General Manager, Middle East, Africa and SAARC, Graphics/ Inkjet – Mr. Som John said the organization was ready to proffer solutions to the challenges been faced by Agfa inkjet customers as he urged them to put forward their challenges to enable both parties provide lasting solutions. “We want to bring back profitable inkjet business in Nigeria. We are committed to the sector and we have the confidence that the sector is bouncing back. Our partner, Technology Global is ever ready to provide the needed after sales support and the headquarters will also give all the needed support”.

In addition, John urged the players to embrace UV technology, pointing out that solvent technology is fading out. “Solvent technology will soon fade out completely. Players in the sector should embrace UV because it is environmental friendly and it is good for the operators as well as the country. Let’s forget the past and move to UV. We are ready to give the necessary support”.  John stated

More so, Regional Sales Manager, Agfa Middle East Inkjet, Mr. Rajesh Patki said that one of the areas Agfa would be reactivating Nigeria Inkjet market was through total support particularly on pricing structure on consumables and spares that would make inkjet players businesses grow profitably. “We understand the issue of no capital which is one of the biggest challenges right now; we will proffer workable solutions to the challenges; we only need some level of commitment from the customers and everything will work out. We are ready to support more than ever before”, Patki emphasized. He added that Agfa through its partner, would fix the machines that may have stopped working and bring them to workable condition.