InkJetBiz Announces DTV (Direct-to-Vinyl) Printing System 

InkJetBiz (IJB), a leading printing solutions provider, is proud to introduce the IJB DTV (Direct-to-Vinyl) System, a breakthrough in digital imaging technology. The IJB DTV System offers a budget-friendly and simplified alternative to DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing, catering to businesses and individuals seeking high-quality and vibrant vinyl image transfers without the headaches associated with traditional methods.

The IJB DTV System is designed to address the challenges faced by potential buyers of DTF technology, such as limited support, white ink complications, high costs, and the steep learning curve. With IJB’s DTV solution, customers can now enjoy an all-in-one package that provides exceptional results at an affordable price.

The IJB DTV System incorporates leading brands and components to achieve superior transferred vinyl images. These include:

Printer: The ET-8550 13” x 19” six-color printer delivers high-quality prints with remarkable accuracy and clarity. The OEM pigment ink ensures vibrant and durable colors for the transferred images.

Digital Cutters: Siser’s Romeo and Juliet digital cutters offer precise and efficient cutting of vinyl materials.

Software: Siser’s proprietary Leonardo cutting and driver software, along with the cloud-based GO Pro Create software, streamline the workflow and enhance design capabilities.

Vinyl Materials: Siser’s DTV vinyl and TTD High Mask ensure excellent adhesion, durability, and vibrant color reproduction in transferred images.

Heat Presses: The GO Xpress 1620AR heat press facilitates the final step of the image transfer process, providing reliable and efficient results.

Accessories: Siser’s combo tool kit, including the EasyWeeder, EasyTweezers, and Squeegee, makes working with vinyl hassle-free.

Training and Support: IJB offers free weekly online training classes, empowering customers to unlock the full potential of their DTV systems.