Nigeria is going through serious economic issues even as you read through the pages of this edition of PRINTERS DIGEST magazine. News about the nation’s economic doldrums are obviously not palatable. Weighing the advantages against the disadvantages, that is if there are any, you and I will be quick to notice the imbalance especially when you try to juxtapose the consequences with the responsibility of meeting the needs of over 170million citizenry.

It’s not over! Not yet with Nigeria as printing professionals who gathered at the 2016 edition of Nigeria International Print Expo (NIPEX) in Lagos recently said there is hope for the economy through the business of printing. NIPEX 2016 had as it theme PRINTING: BUSINESS & EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES IN NIGERIA and I can tell you authoritatively that discussions were quite expository and productive. This edition dwells largely on reports as it emanates from the NIPEX show and I believe, a critical reading for fact is good enough to enable you expand your investment horizon.

Again, the 2016 Nigeria Print and Graphics Award (NPGA) was a hit. I can tell you in all honesty that rewarding contributions to the growth and development of the Nigeria Print and Graphics Industry base on merit was the focus of the biannual event.  Details of NPGA has been captured in this bumper edition as ‘Special NPGA Report’, with pictorial evidences of the event, list of awardees and categories as well as a brief on how the award programme is conducted.

Our regular columns that educates – Executive Watch, Pre-press, Press, Post Press, Management, Marketing, Print Fashion, Print Health, Print Doctor are all being treated to latest information and requirements to successful running of a print business as well as trending machinery of quality service delivery, speed, good production and finishing.

Friends, PRINTERS DIGEST Team carefully understand that we are no monopoly of knowledge, not even in this noble profession and sector where we are all learning new thing each passing day. As an organization, our interest is to serve you with quality and educating, informative articles that will help us altogether re-position the Nigeria Printing industry.

To this end, we seek your constructive criticism always to enable us continue to meet the professional needs of you the print technology policy maker, the print technology lecturer, print technology student, paper merchants, inks and other consumables manufacturer and sellers, re-sellers and representatives of printing machines manufacturers etc.


Nwaekwu Samuel


+234 (0) 806 786 7275





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