Kodak’s new PRINERGY on Demand, Virtual Desktops, enables pre-press professionals to work from anywhere, in the office or at home, regardless of internet speed.

Kodak’s Virtual Desktop is a new tech designed to help customers who are interested in hosting their pre-press software in the cloud, even if they have limited internet bandwidth.

For quite some time, Thin Client Terminals have been available to overcome the challenges of working across slow internet connections.

A Thin Client is a low-cost computer terminal that performs all data processing using software that is installed on a remote server. Because a Thin Client only sends keyboard commands, mouse movements/commands and screen display data across a computer network, it’s a great option to use when working remotely across a slow network connection.
Thin Client Terminals, however, does not have local disc storage and thus are not viable options for tasks commonly performed in pre-press production such as file retouching or editing. A better option for a pre-press professional is the use of Thin Client Software such as Microsoft’s Remote Desktop, which can be installed on a pre-press workstation or home computer and used to connect to a server remotely.

Desktop Virtualization takes the Thin Client technology a step further by providing each remote user with a virtual desktop instance (OS and Apps) that resides in a separate partition or virtual machine. Users of virtual desktops have all the same benefits of using software that is locally installed on their computer without the overhead of trying to work completely across the internet.

Kodak uses Microsoft’s Remote Desktop to connect to the Virtual Desktop server hosted by Kodak in the cloud, so pre-press employees can use PRINERGY from anywhere, even from home.