“Kyocera Launches ‘TRUE BLUE TEXTILE’ Project to Promote Sustainable Fashion with ‘Wear to Save Water’ Concept”

Kyocera Corporation, Japan, has unveiled its groundbreaking initiative, the ‘TRUE BLUE TEXTILE’ project, aimed at promoting sustainability in the fashion industry under the theme of ‘Wear to Save Water.’ This project accompanies the launch of Kyocera’s innovative inkjet textile printer, ‘FOREARTH,’ designed to drastically reduce water usage in textile printing processes, thereby addressing environmental concerns such as water pollution.

The ‘TRUE BLUE TEXTILE’ project, initiated to raise consumer awareness about environmental issues related to the textile and apparel sector, features textile design exhibits by renowned brands Anrealage and the Vantan Design Institute. These exhibits coincide with World Water Day 2024, running from Friday, March 22 to Sunday, March 24.

The concept behind ‘TRUE BLUE TEXTILE’ advocates for a new approach to fashion consumption, encouraging individuals to consider the environmental impact of their clothing choices. Fabric for the project was printed using Kyocera’s FOREARTH printer, incorporating patterns inspired by the pristine Niyodo River in Kochi Prefecture, renowned for its exceptional water quality.

In collaboration with ANREALAGE and the Vantan Design Institute, Kyocera produced five outfits for the project, each embodying the ethos of sustainable fashion. ANREALAGE, led by Kunihiko Morinaga, created designs reflecting the ‘Water Drop Collection,’ symbolizing the cyclical nature of water and aligning with the FOREARTH concept of minimizing water consumption. Meanwhile, the Vantan Design Institute’s creations explore the transformative nature of water through designs inspired by waves, waterfalls, and ice.

The ‘TRUE BLUE TEXTILE’ exhibition will be showcased at two prominent venues: Shibuya PARCO and the Kyoto Kyocera Museum of Art. The exhibition aims to engage audiences in discussions surrounding water conservation and sustainable fashion practices.

Kyocera’s FOREARTH inkjet textile printer lies at the heart of this initiative, offering a revolutionary solution to reduce water usage in fabric printing processes. By virtually eliminating the need for water-intensive pre- and post-treatment processes, FOREARTH significantly reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions while maintaining high-quality printing on various fabrics.

Through the ‘TRUE BLUE TEXTILE’ project, Kyocera demonstrates its commitment to addressing environmental challenges in the textile and apparel industry, urging consumers to make conscious choices that contribute to a more sustainable future.

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