LCCI Calls for Investors in Paper Mill Manufacturing

The representative of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) and Chairperson of the Printing, Publishing and Allied Group of Lagos State Chambers of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), Princess Layo Okeowo has called all printers all over the world to embrace an investment opportunity in paper mills manufacturing in Nigeria.

This call was made at a webinar meeting discussion on the hike in paper price and formulation of the committee for paper mill production in Nigeria. According to her, the continuous increment in paper price can be tackled if stakeholders invest in paper mill manufacturing in the country.

Princess Okeowo says: “We have three interested investors that are ready to invest in paper, we definitely need more investors, if we refuse to start, we will not make progress. The Ogun State government is ready to invest in paper production and they are offering us land as their input to this new project. We want as many investors and committee members as possible into this project. This is not a one-man business, we all have to join hands together in order to make this project achievable’’. She said

Princess Okeowo stressed that the LCCI is in charge of this project and every investor in this project. “We are calling on investors and committee bodies to be part of this project as the paper mill is a goldmine business waiting to be tapped”. She said

Reacting, The Managing Director of Afkar Printing and Publishing, Dr Adeshola Falaiye said the Nigeria printing need to move into recycling of paper to be able to produce new ones. We also need information on paper investment and the types of paper we can produce if it’s the type of paper printers use on regular basis.

Also, Dr Falaiye suggested that paper users can come together to buy directly at a reduced cost from overseas. “To achieve this, we need to talk to the right people, not just anyone available, this business is a pure buying and selling transaction, I believe if we come together, we will be able to make a minimum order and counter the local merchants”. She said.

In addition, Mr Dare Oluwatuyi stressed the need to be united with the Chartered Institute of Professional Printers of Nigeria (CIPPON) and all Printers to fight the continuous hike in paper price.