Linx Printing Technologies Launches Linx 8000 Series Spectrum CIJ Printer

New Linx Spectrum revolutionizes fast and reliable hard-pigmented coding and marking for wires and cables.

Coding and marking specialist Linx Printing Technologies has launched the Linx 8000 Series Spectrum CIJ printer, revolutionizing pigmented ink printing with new features which deliver superb print quality and reliability.

Specifically designed to deliver high performance and high contrast marking of white and light coloured inks onto surfaces such as plastic cabling, extruded products, and coloured glass, the new Spectrum prints at line speeds of up to 10 meters per second in challenging environments.

The Spectrum carries extended service intervals of up to 8,000 hours or 12 months, two times longer than most other pigmented printers, across a range of hard-pigmented inks. The printer also offers long-term reliability and durability that avoids the costs and time incurred through unnecessary line stoppages and the resulting reworking or product waste.

In particular, the printer’s patent pending PureFlow filtration system ensures opaque print and a cleaner nozzle for consistent, high-quality printing onto every product time after time, while requiring only weekly printhead cleanings, seven times fewer cleans versus similar printers.

Another unique feature is the Spectrum’s patent pending Vortex system, which disperses any settled heavy pigment. The ink is mixed within the machine to ensure an opaque and high contrast ink from the very start of printing.

“By seamlessly combining all our proven technologies and innovations into this truly revolutionary printer, the new Spectrum demonstrates our commitment to driving the future of coding and marking print technology into new and industry specific applications,” said Charles Randon, CIJ Business Unit Manager of Linx Printing Technologies.

“With its patent-pending design, the Spectrum’s technology makes traditionally cumbersome hard-pigmented marking to be as simple and reliable as regular CIJ dye-based printing. Printing highly visible codes for wires, cables and extruded products with reliability and without the daily maintenance has never been more achievable.”