London Packaging Week Invites Entries For Innovation Awards

London Packaging Week has unveiled its Innovation Awards, inviting entries from pioneering businesses shaping the packaging industry with their inventive approaches.

Over the next three months, companies can submit their groundbreaking products for evaluation by an esteemed jury comprised of packaging design and innovation luminaries alongside representatives from major global brands. The jury seeks packaging innovations that push boundaries, leverage new technologies or techniques, and inspire future advancements.

The LPW Innovation Awards aim to ignite creativity and foster progress in sustainability and performance across four industry sectors. Emerging innovators and established brands will vie for recognition as expert juries assess their most innovative commercialized packaging solutions.

Distinguished members of the juries include industry stalwarts such as Michael Carroll from Nestlé, Jim Bligh from The Food and Drink Federation, Tanguy Pellen from Skarbek, Cain Hayward-Hughes from Beam Suntory, Chris Allinson from PZ Cussons, Alfredo Ruiz Pose from Glenmorangie, and renowned packaging expert Raphael Ferri.

Chris Allinson remarked, “Being part of the London Packaging Week jury is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the remarkable strides made in our industry and recognize the daily contributions of our peers. Our work in R&D often goes unnoticed, yet it drives crucial progress and innovation. This event shines a spotlight on our collective endeavours.” Cain Hayward-Hughes expressed his admiration for luxury packaging in the spirits industry, highlighting its ability to convey unique narratives and emotions. He sees his role on the jury as a chance to give back to the industry he holds in high esteem.

Entries, free of charge, are welcomed from brands, design agencies, and suppliers across four categories: Premium & Luxury Drinks, Beauty Cosmetics & Perfume, Food Beverages & Personal Care, and Fashion Accessories & Jewelry. The first submission deadline for the inaugural LPW Innovation Awards is set for Friday, May 17.

Christelle Anya, Content & Community Director at Easyfairs and a driving force behind the awards, emphasized the dynamic nature of innovation in the packaging sector. She underscored the awards’ mission to recognize and celebrate market disruptors and their transformative endeavours.

Entrants must meet at least one of four key criteria: Innovation as a Technology Game-Changer, Design showcasing British Design & Craftsmanship, Consumer Experience reflecting British Experiential Quality, or Sustainability Impact as an Environment Game-Changer.

Winners will be honoured during the second and final day of London Packaging Week 2024. Eligible products must be distributed in the UK market between May 25, 2023, and May 24, 2024. Further details on entry criteria and submission guidelines are available for prospective entrants.