Marvelous Mike Press Founder, Engineer Bamidele Akinola, Celebrates Honorary Degree At Mountain Top University’s Convocation Ceremony

In a remarkable convocation ceremony at Mountain Top University, Engineer Bamidele Akinola, popularly known as Marvelous Mike, and other distinguished personalities were conferred honorary degrees. The event, chaired by Dr. Olukoya, the General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire Ministry, featured a convocation lecture by former governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, and words of wisdom from the university’s Chancellor, Dr. Daniel Olukoya.

During the convocation lecture titled ‘Optimising Your Potential In A Challenging Future,’ Mr. Udom Emmanuel encouraged the graduands to envision the future they wished to create. He emphasized the importance of excellence, stating, “Become a person known for excellence. The challenge of gender, racial, ethnic, or whatever biases only count at the average quality level, when you become excellent at whatever you do, these biases become irrelevant.”

“Excellence puts you above all biases. Be so good at what you do that you become almost indispensable. The many challenges plaguing our nation present a world of opportunities to the one with seeing eyes. Find your place and be determined to make the world a better place starting from where you are. Align your passion to society’s needs and you will make a success of your life as success occurs when opportunity meets preparedness.

“Oftentimes, opportunities come in human form, make up your mind to treat people well irrespective of their state in life.”

Furthermore, Emmanuel stressed the value of investing in relationships and expressing gratitude. He cautioned against entitlement mentality, urging the young graduates to be grateful for every good thing done for them.

Dr. Daniel Olukoya, the university’s Chancellor, imparted words of guidance to the graduating class. He urged them to promote change and aim for excellence throughout their lifetimes. Olukoya emphasized the importance of being good ambassadors of the university, promoting high integrity, and upholding moral values in their respective spheres.

Olukoya implored the graduands to be good ambassadors of the university and role models wherever they find themselves. He said, “First, you are expected to be good ambassadors of the university and role models in your respective states, places of work, or anywhere across the globe where you may likely find yourselves, and more importantly, live and uphold a sense of high integrity and moral values.

“In addition, one of the most important things you learned at the University is promoting change while aiming for excellence. I would implore you to apply this principle throughout your lives. As you go out there, continue to pursue the truth and to test ideas – go and make realism out of the unthinkable- as it does not end here.”

In his appreciation speech, Engr. Bamidele Akinola expressed gratitude to the General Overseer for his kindness and God’s leading spirit. He also appreciated the school boards and pledged continued humanitarian efforts for the institution and beyond.

Speaking with Printers Digest at the event, Akinola expressed his happiness and honour regarding the award, noting that it extends beyond the printing industry to encompass humanitarian services and support, especially in the education sector. He advised young people in the printing business to persevere, stating, ‘everybody has their own time.’

The convocation ceremony was not only a celebration of academic achievements but also a platform for imparting valuable life lessons and encouraging the graduates to strive for excellence in their future endeavours.