“It is one thing to have a business, but it is another to be well informed on the business set-up”. This literary quote captures the mindset of Mrs. Patricia Onoja, Secretary to Megavons Nigeria Limited as she expresses her views on the state of affairs with the Nigeria printing industry.

According the Onoja, the industry has overly accommodated ‘quacks’ who stroll into the printing profession either through apprenticeship and or investors, and yet carry the tag of a printer. She spoke with PRINTERS DIGEST Editor, Samuel Nwaekwu in an interview at the Lagos Sheraton Hotels, Ikeja.

“Printing is a profession, and not just a business. It is those who are certified that should be licensed to practice. Otherwise, how will you describe the upsurge of ‘mushroom’ printing houses in almost all the nooks and crannies of Lagos among other States of the federation.”

Adding, “The basic problem in the industry today is a near or total lack of knowledge on what we do. Industry practitioners in this part of the world do not see reason to upgrade from what they already know and have to what is trending. That apprentice printer in Shomolu does not care to go for higher knowledge and certification so that he can be well pitted against any other professional. Established presses do not see reasons to train and retrain their staff members, all because they want cheap labour. Institutions of learning with printing as a course of study do not even have machineries as practical tools for her students. It is disheartening”.

“If we must make it to that expected height we so desire as printers in Nigeria, every hand must be on deck both from the academic, sectoral or institutional, administrative, organizational fronts as well as an individual professional. I believe in training of manpower. Let us seek knowledge today, so that we can do better tomorrow”. She said.