Nigeria Publishers Association Announces Crucial CEOs Meeting

The Nigeria Publishers Association (NPA) has announced a crucial meeting for all its member CEOs. The meeting, which will be held virtually, is scheduled for Thursday, 11th July, 2024, at 11:00 a.m. via Google Meet. This information was shared in a notice issued by the association’s executive secretary, Emmanuel Abimbola.

The meeting’s virtual format ensures that all members can attend, regardless of their location. Emmanuel Abimbola emphasized the importance of this meeting, urging all CEOs to participate actively. “Your attendance at the meeting is very crucial,” he stated, highlighting the significance of the topics to be discussed.

While the specific agenda has not been disclosed, such meetings typically address critical industry issues, strategic initiatives, and collaborative opportunities aimed at advancing the publishing sector in Nigeria. The NPA is expected to communicate the meeting link to its members shortly, ensuring everyone can prepare adequately for the virtual gathering.

This upcoming meeting underscores the association’s commitment to fostering a cohesive and proactive publishing community. By leveraging virtual meeting tools, the NPA aims to facilitate seamless communication and decision-making among its members.

The Nigeria Publishers Association continues to play a vital role in advocating for the interests of publishers across the country. This meeting is anticipated to set the stage for important discussions that will shape the future of the industry, making the participation of all member CEOs essential.