Experts have identified continuous training and re-training of company staff or working hands, industry practitioners among other professionals as a panacea to keeping tab with trends and more productive practice in the printing and publishing industry.

Speaking to newsmen at the 2016 edition of a 3-Day training organized by fast rising Print Academy at the Ibis Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, Managing Director of the institute Mr. Tony Imomoh said the need to bridge the professional gap informed the establishment of the institute as well as her partnership with Leicester College, UK.

According to Tony, “on our part as locals, we have observed varying lacuna in the practice of print trade in Nigeria. Again, we are concerned about the huge gains that await the Nigeria printers. But how will they access this gains and be rewarded gainfully through the enormous potentials of the printing sector in Nigeria? In trying to find answers to this, it behoove on us to begin from the threshold by establishing a knowledge centre. It is said that knowledge is power, but we believe that a good knowledge is better deserved hence our partnership with Leicester City College, UK for quality facilitation”.

“Nigeria printing industry is very large and rides on the advantage of population strenght. But at the moment, the industry needs quality information to run its course. We need that empowerment that will pitch us with our contemporaries and make us compete favourably with the more advanced printing nations. And for us to achieve this feat, it is said that we learn from those better than us or ahead of us. This was what brought about our partnership with foreign pros. This will not last forever and we pray that sooner than expected, our people will be able to capture the essence of the trainings and begin to do it ‘ourselves’. But for now, our partnership continues”, Tony added.