PRINTERS DIGEST magazine goes online

With a view to guarantee better mileage and greater reach for industry practitioners, Nigeria’s most authoritative, informative and educating print and graphics industry magazine, PRINTERS DIGEST has assumed a different platform. The publication can now be read from any part of the world on

No doubt, this is an incredible feat for DCS Integrated Media Limited, publishers of the renown publication which have over a decade plus now, been regarded as an encyclopedia of trends in the printing industry both locally and internally. The publication have also been adopted by several schools with printing technology department as a reference material for her students and library use.

Recall that the magazine, since its first publication in 2000, became the first full colour publication in Nigeria. It has since then maintain her once-in-every-two-months edition to the delight of both the industry practitioners, professionals, machine re-sellers, representatives of machine manufacturers, paper merchants as well as inks and other consumables manufacturers and resellers to mention a few.

PRINTERS DIGEST pulls a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff who understand the various sectors we serve in Nigeria, its challenges and requirements. Also, the magazine through its publishing firm has formed alliances and partnership with relevant organizations outside the shores of the country. These alliances afford team members the experience, expertise and resources which surpasses that of the competitors.

The magazine’s market is majorly made up of consumers of print products and services, print investors,  print and allied companies, decision makers in the print industry (comprising of Federal Government / State government Printers e.t.c.),  print consumables and machinery suppliers, print citadel, students and others who have substantial buying judgment in print and allied businesses, as well as strategic sales outlet across the nation for better distribution and mileage.