Prof. Oluwadare Disclose The Place Of Research In Pulp And Paper Production At IPPEX 2023

Professor Oluwafemi Oluwadare, the dean faculty of Renewable natural resources, department of forest production and products has disclosed the place of research in pulp and paper production sector, he made this known while delivering keynote speech on the topic ‘CURRENT RESEARCH FINDINGS IN THE PULP AND PAPER SECTOR’ at the international Paper, Publishing and Print Expo 2023

According to Professor Oluwadare he said “Whatever the role of the digital process, best ideas are still preserved in a paper material”

“With the state of our research, we’re expecting China to come to west Africa market by the year 2030, However, locally produced paper are not of quality because we use virgin fiber and not recycle and every fibrous materials, whether from trees are good for paper making but not all of them are good for quality paper production e.g. the Iroko tree is a good fibrous tree but not suitable for paper production and that’s where research comes in”

He said further that there is need for paper and print sector to come together and fund research

“In Nigeria we have enough raw materials for the production of paper in Nigeria, majority of paper imported are not all produced from hard wood species

Also, media should help aggravate the needs for research development funding in pulp and paper production

“There is an urgent need for paper and paper products marketers and users to support research output towards finding a lasting solution to the ailing industry. Funding for the establishment of pulp and paper laboratory is long overdue. Funding for feasibility studies on the suitability of local raw materials for papermaking should be provided.

Professor then concluded his speech by giving way out to the falling state of pulp and paper production in Nigeria he said “Funding for feasibility studies on the suitability of local raw materials for papermaking should be provided, also the abundance resources and sustainable renewability, To optimise pulp and its capacities, a mix of big, medium and small-scale paper producing mills will have to be encouraged, Small-scale paper production has the potential for low initial capital and this will make it easy for prospective investors.

“There is a need to support this initiative through policy measures such as tax cuts, increase tariffs on paper and paper products produced by the mills and mandatory usage of locally produced paper by all and sundries (industries, schools and government offices).

He then thanks the Chattered Institute of Printing Practitioners of Nigeria for the advocacy of the printing and production of election paper materials locally.