“It is okay to economically say that the problem with the present age of Nigerians is unavailability of jobs. But a situation where we have plethora of avenue to engage everyone who is willing and ready, but lack the job to engage them with, neither do we have needed machinery seem more complicating to describe”.

This was the view of George Ifeanyi Ugwu, Managing Director, Exact Solutions Nigeria Limited who aptly represents among others, the interests of German printing machines manufacturing giants KBA as a sales agent in Nigeria and the West African countries.

Speaking with PRINTERS DIGEST Samuel Nwaekwu, the South African trained Printer and graduate of Mechanical Engineering from the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) described as unprecedented, the actions and attitude of taking jobs meant to be printed and finished locally to other countries that are already repute with the trade.

“To me, this trend is uncalled for. Do you know what that mean for our industry? It keeps the Nigerian printer jobless. Can you appropriate what it would assume to have gone through the rigorous classroom experience just to be a printer? And after your days in school, you struggle to waddle through the high demand of owning a machine? And now, you end up begging for a low quantity jobs whereas the high money fetching jobs are taking out of the shores of Nigeria? This is appalling to say in clear terms”.

“Our machines just have to work.  Let us employ the latest machineries, not continue to struggle with the forefathers kind of machines. We have the manpower to equate whatever anyone and everyone is travelling abroad for. The competences are available. Let’s keep the professional busy.. It is time to say NO ‘NO’ to redundancy. Let us stop making the industry a dumpsite. Let us go forward”, he urged.


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