One of Nigeria top leading organization in the printing industry and label printing machine supplier, responsible for producing made in Nigeria screen printing machines, recently organized an online open house with a live demo.

The online open house started with a short rap music by Adeyera Adekanye who happens to be a digital service engineer also. Afterwards the event started proper with the moderator, Mojisola Bashorun telling participant about the event and what to expect. According to her, she defined label as a cloth we wear for a product to make it attractive to the buyers, to distinguish it, to give it a brand attention or recognition, to pass information to the users who want to use the products. She also added, “Labels are used in lots of sectors; the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, oil and gas industry, cosmetics industry and a wide range of house hold product. Whenever labels are used the intention is to create uniqueness for the product.”

The online open house was graced by the presence of print professionals in the industry both local and international. Three gentlemen with high knowledge in the industry were present to talk about their company’s product, about the industry from their perspective and also answer prospective questions from participants; Joe Collins, from the United Kingdom; a man with eyes for engineering solution and digital printing, he works for Afinia Labels. Patrick Peters with lots of experience in graphic business, who also has vast knowledge in large formats, digital label, graphic hack business and works for Xeikon and Akin Oduwole, the Managing Director of Technology Global Services and the General Secretary of Chartered Institute of Professional Printers of Nigeria [CIPPON].

Mojisola took the participants on a tour showing them various range of label printing machines available at the open house, she said “to achieve an industrial volume of output one needs a Xeikon machine. Xeikon 3300 is the entry level with a speed of almost 10 linear metres per minute, all day 3300 for double speed or the cheetah which is the fastest digital level place in town with a speed of 30 millimeters per minute, they are tunnel-based digital prices.” According to Mojisola one of the advantages of the Xeikon is its instant drying capability, due to its fusing method.

Xeikon 3300

She further said, Xeikon also recognizes the blindspot of the inject based label press. “The px3000 is currently doing well to meet the needs for durability, scratch resistance, cost effectiveness and speed this machine runs at a speed of 50 linear meters per minute, these are still high end equipment and its high cost of ownership cannot be played down but today, I have come to show a live demo in my opinion on the best entry level, affordable, fast and reliable Afinia official series 2020 with quality finishing.”

Xeikon PX 3000

Furthermore , she spoke about the Afinia L701. “It’s a digital label press, which prints at a speed of 12 meters per minute. The print dries out immediately it comes out. With this printer you have durable quality print and for the professional print production it is a world to world digital press.” Mojisola also mentioned that the Afinia L701 possess a proper die cutting and also a low-cost ink consumption.

Afinia L701

She also intoduced the Afinia L901, which has a water shield; the shield protects it from water. According to Mojisola, the beauty and cosmetic line can make use of this machine.

Afinia L901

Showing participants, the machines for the open house she lastly spoke on the Afinia DLF 220s, which can laminate prints. From the online open house, it was gathered that it uses a plotter which enables the user to die cut whatsoever shape very flexible. Mojisola also added, “You can also remove the mattress, so at the end the die cutting, what you have is a finished label, it just a matter of just remove and stick.”

Afinia DLF 220s

On his part while talking, Joe Collins who started in the digital label market 7 years ago said blindspot is something that has always been in his mind. “Our mission at Afinia is really focused on the blindspot, our mission is to provide solutions for those customers in the blindspot. We are bringing a disruptive technology to the market which the user can get the tools to move out of the blindspot and to grow their business successfully.” He added, “Blindspot is different; it’s about a much smaller amount of customer who didn’t really know what was possible. So when we started our product 7 years ago it was the L801 printer and it was tough, we were changing a lot of people’s perception about the possibilities of our digital label products and since then, it has gone from strength to strength. We put a big focus on the ease of use; our products are designed for non-print professional to pick them up easily and begin printing with ease.”

Moreso, Patrick peters, who represented xeikon, has been in the graphics business for the past 30 years and in the large format for 20 years. He joined xeikon 11 years ago going into digital printing. According to him, when he started 11 years ago it was difficult to understand that the world was changing, some people never wanted to let go of their flexo or offset machine. Patrick noted “I see some of you at Drupa and you will notice that each year each manufacturer comes with their own digital solution, so digital is coming and fast and also comes with a lot of advantages. Digital solutions gives you options flexo and offset can’t and it also reduces your stock tremendously. Talking about xeikon we offer a full range of digital printers in the dry toner also in the inkjet section.”

On his part while addressing participants, the managing Director of Technology global; Akin Oduwole said he knows that people are spreading the bad side about the pandemic around but also some people are still being creative still in the midst of the pandemic and doing exploits. “Some people are now thinking we need to do something locally to meet our daily needs and this product will definitely need labels so at the end of the day you see we are converting some doom story to story of boom.”