Top Personalized Products to Offer in 2020-21

People today are going crazy after personalization. Of late, online print stores and fashion stores have also tapped into the trend of personalization to engage the audience.

If you, too, are an online print store owner and want to offer personalization, read on to know top-trending personalized products for 2020-2021.

Custom Photo Album
Rather than scrolling through your entire phone gallery, you might have felt it would be better to turn leaflets of a photo album and cherish the old memories along with your parents and grandparents.

This is a major reason that despite being quite old-school, photo albums are in demand in today’s digital age. As people still want some pictures to be compiled – in a photo album.

A photo album bearing the owner’s name on the top cover, a beautiful collage, or a personalized message can be so ‘tempting’ for customers. The reason is the ‘personalized’ touch it would give to the buyer.

Custom Shoes
An ordinary pair of shoes is no more the sole choice of customers. Instead, they look for custom designs with different colors for different shoe parts, including laces, heel counter, etc. They, at times, look for the shoes with preferred images or text printed on them.

So, you can offer an online personalization service for shoes to fulfill customer requirements.

Custom T-Shirts
Whether you want to promote a brand, spread a strong social message, convey your mood, or simply show-off your creativity, a custom t-shirt is there for you! Therefore, a custom t-shirt is a great custom product to offer as it is always in demand owing to its versatility.

Fund-raising t-shirts, community t-shirts, fan-based t-shirts, awareness t-shirts are in high demand these days. By offering customization of t-shirts, you can swiftly expand your customer base. You can even provide customers the freedom of customization online via a good-quality online t-shirt design tool.

For instance, if a company wants to place a bulk order of, say, 500 t-shirts with its company logo printed for its employees, they can do so easily. All they need is to upload their logo on the t-shirt through the interactive online t-shirt design software you offer and place the order.

This way, your business won’t only stay B2C but also become B2B too.

Custom Tumblers and Mugs
Who wouldn’t like drinking their morning coffee in a mug with a photo or quote printed on it? While individual customers always keep searching for custom mugs, organizations may also require them at times.

For instance, a company might want to give its clients custom cups with its logo printed on them as a token of goodwill. Similarly, an individual might like to gift a custom mug with a birthday wish and a photo of their friend or relative on their birthday.

To fulfill all these requirements, you can include custom tumblers and mugs in your product list and enhance sales.

Custom Mobile Covers
Smartphones are part of everyone’s lives today. To protect their protective smartphones, people often search for protective covers. Rather than offering run-of-the-mill plain mobile covers, you can provide custom covers with images and quotes printed on them.

If you let customers upload stock photos, add clipart images, or the text of their choice on covers, they are sure to prefer such custom covers to plain covers.

Caseable and Prinshoppy are a few online stores that offer custom mobile covers online.

Custom Stationery Items
Stationery items are never entirely ‘replaceable’ no matter how advanced the technology grows. Therefore, by offering customization freedom for stationery items like notebooks, registers, diaries, etc., you can appeal to individual customers and various educational institutes (schools, coachings, etc.) and companies looking for custom stationery for their students or employees/clients, respectively.

To Wrap Up
To stay relevant and competent, you must ramp up your products. By offering the above-discussed in-trend personalized products, you can tap into customers’ requirements and increase your bottom line in no time.