The Managing Director, Expand Press LTD and print industry veteran – Mr. Babafemi Oluwalana alongside his team organized a zoom webinar recently themed ‘Getting More Out Your Print Projects’, aimed at print buyers, publishers and graphic designers.
Mr. Oluwalana kick-started his presentation saying the Print Ecosystem is in a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) state, but despite that, the future of print business is bright, owing it to the tremendous boost in print business activities in the New Normal courtesy the COVID-19 pandemic. His presentation communicated immeasurably on actions which the Print Ecosystem could embark on to respond to the New Normal by educating participants on paramount Practices possible of producing good and positive result capable of saving cost.
The webinar was directed towards ensuring print stakeholders cut the cost of their printing projects for increased profit and also make their printing projects flawless post-COVID.
Mr. Babafemi who is also a council member of the Chartered Institute of Professional Printers of Nigeria (CIPPON) and a member of the National Working Committee of the Nigeria Book Fair Trust, gave directions on how to cut the cost of printing such as paper stock usage, preflight, avoid design with solids and heavy ink, print on lighter paper stock, ask your Print service Provider (PSP) for suggestion on best way to produce: digital/offset, avoidance of bleeds on artwork. He also counseled Print Buyers to be cautious when using metallic inks, spot (UV) varnishes, embossing or die cuts in their designs.
However, participants were also lectured on how they can adopt time-tested and very useful cost-saving practices to sustain their businesses. Babafemi encouraged that they should work on their ordering processes by taking note and being aware of specific details in print production like final trim size, number of pages, how the job sit (either portrait or landscape), number of colours on the job, paper stock/ type (both cover and inner) and type of print process.
Moreso, he advised Graphic Designers – “Install antivirus/antispyware software, use legal software, review privacy settings on your systems, enable remote location/device wiping for mobile devices, avoid free programmes and avoid clicking on pop up boxes.” He mentioned that genuine software, systems, right workstation and ergonomic chair make Graphic Designers perform at their best.