Against general believe that doing printing business in Nigeria has so much proliferated and no longer rewarding as it ought to be, Mr. Izzat Debs, Managing Director of Skysat Technologies said the present stage of printing business practice in the country is best described as “just scratching the surface”.

To him, the depth of doing printing business for profitability has not been approached since its foray into the country over 160 years now. Accordingly, “industry practitioners have been trying to unearth the potentials of the sector; to say the least, they (the professionals and practitioners) have the idea of how productive and profitable it is to do this business (printing), but quite unfortunate that their activities have been limited by quite a number of factors that has poor or total lack of electricity atop”, said Izzat.

Izzat who spoke with PRINTERS DIGEST team of Editor Samuel Nwaekwu and Reporter Emmanuel Osere in an interview in his Lagos office said “the issue of printing is beyond rhetoric. It is practical oriented and as such, we at Skysat Technologies who are sole representative of the Konica Minolta brand of digital presses and very recently, the Brother in Nigeria and Ghana take it as a priority to properly educate our customers and prospective ones on how to adequately utilise the press for optimum”.

“Yes! It is good to make the money, but we also think it is better we first provide the quality service so that when the money is being made, our joy will be full on the understanding that no customer will put us under pressure to fix his or her machines. And to a very good knowledge, from the day we started providing services to industry practitioners in this sector till date, I do not know of any of our client who has felt disappointed in us. Our brand is trusted all over Nigeria and in Ghana”, added Izzat.

Asked about the situation of the Nigeria market as recession lingers, Izzat said “I only see big future for Nigeria and I think we have not even scratch the surface of the market. We may be going through a bad time now, that however does not undermine what great future awaits us both as individuals and entrepreneurs. The storm is like a journey, it will eventually come to an end”.