Business Causal Outfits for Women Over 40

They say that life begins at 40, which frankly to me is not true. The fact is that life might not begin at 40, but as far as your style is concerned, it doesn’t have to end there either.

Don’t be tempted to dye your hair. Yes, it might look vaguely convincing now, but then you’re trapped in a cycle of regular, expensive maintenance until the point at which it fools nobody except yourself and then your choice will be between dying it ever greyer or pretending that you have suffered a terrible trauma and turned white overnight…Smiles

At 40, you must have established yourself and your personal style but if you haven’t, do not worry as we got your back covered with the few fashion tips.

“I’ve always believed that if you have confidence, you can wear whatever you want,” says Olie Arnold, style director at e-tailer Mr Porter. “But by 40 you should have a good idea of certain fits and styles that suit your body shape. If not, tailoring will always be a flattering and age-appropriate option.”

Of course you can dress any which way you like, but if you don’t want to look like you are trying too hard to stay young or appear older than you are, you may like some guidelines as to how to dress after 40. Here are just some of the things to be aware of. Please note that these are just GENERAL guidelines. They certainly don’t apply to everyone.

I Still believe in dressing to your strengths and taking your body into account


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