MaoLinks pressManaging Director of Maolinks Digital Press, Lagos Mr. Kehinde Owolabi believes the tendency to compromise on printing standards by practitioners is adversely affecting the overall good of the industry both locally and internationally.

According to Keninde, “most printers think clients do not know the value of what they get and as such, try to play on their intelligence by presenting them with substandard finished production. I can tell you in all honesty that this trend is now almost endemic especially when the printer thinks he or she will make more money if he is not caught”.

Noting that the situation is impeding on the integrity of printers in Nigeria, Kenny as better called by friends said the time is now when everybody should come to the drawing board to savage the industry form the brink of neglect that is if “we are ready to command patronage as we have always touted”.

Asked on the role of his office to the ‘ugly’ trend, Kenny said “at Moalinks, keeping to standard is our priority. If we are considering compromising quality, we would not have had any need to invest hard earned currency in purchase of top-of-the world machines that now serve our printing services. At the moment, Maolinks is in the services of multinational companies both locally and outside the shores of Nigeria. This is not because we have the best of machines pr hands though, but largely due to the fact that we have kept our word by doing what is right for every client irrespective of quantity”.