Epson Established Epson Middle East FZCO

Epson Corporation has established a new sales company, Epson Middle East FZCO (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), which will be operational in April 2024. This reflects the huge potential Epson sees to accelerate future growth as this is one of the fastest growing regions globally.

With governments placing great focus on sustainability, Epson technology will really help to support and encourage both consumers and businesses to invest in energy reducing solutions. There has been a huge demand in all key sectors from tourism and hospitality to retail, entertainment, education, real estate, and healthcare.

In line with many other parts of the world, hybrid working and learning will continue to see an increased demand for work from home and personal use printing and Epson is well placed to support with this continued shift.

Education has and continues to be a growth point for Epson in the region with schools seeing the benefit of Epson’s Heat-Free technology when it comes to energy reduction, time and cost saving and improvement in learning opportunities for both students and teachers.

Epson’s interactive projectors continue to encourage engagement in the classroom and are an essential investment to ensure that all students in the class can see and participate in the lesson. It also gives teachers scope to expand their lesson plans and involve all students in a new and interesting way.