Fully Printed Containers Make a Colorful Impact


Brand-enhancing technology permits interior or exterior printing on rigid containers. This also goes as packaging graphics on trays and bowls are taken to a higher, more colorful level using patent-pending Print & Form technology.

Print & Form is a new packaging option that provides full-color printing on rigid containers. The direct print can be on the containers’ interior or exterior or both. As noted by Jimmy Urquhart, General Manager, who provides the colorful details with updates on this groundbreaking, brand-enhancing technology, print & Form has been available for approximately one year and is patent pending. We have recently made some modifications to our process, which has enabled us to ensure excellent draw of materials during the thermoforming process. This has improved the final look of print on the trays”.

Speaking on options are available, Urquhart said “this is gravure print process only and we can supply any thickness from 400 microns up to 1mm and with up to 9-color print. We can supply APET, RPET, PVC, PP and CPET trays with various linings required for sealing purposes”.


“The materials used are 100% recyclable. As we expand our sales force both internally and externally, we aim to increase our presence in various territories and the U.S. is most definitely a market we will endeavor to pursue”.