Kaduna Master Printers Association (KAMPA) sets to strategically reposition the Nigeria printing industry post Covid-19 in order to ameliorate the effects of the pandemic on its members.

This move was made recently during a webinar seminar held for its members that centered on four topical issues affecting the industry currently which are: Strategy for Sustainable Growth in the printing industry, Creatively Positioning your Print Business, Maintaining Healthy Competition and Maintaining Printing

According to KAMPA Chairman -Mr. Yusuf Eleja who spoke on Strategies for Sustainable Growth in Print Business, he told the participants that COVID-19 came as a surprise but nevertheless printers must not allow the sudden change in business derail them from carrying out their jobs in a professional manner. He went ahead to encourage members to acclimatize with the new normal no matter what it may cost them to sustain their business as things will not go back to how they use to be. His words: “Change is inevitable and there wouldn’t be a problem-free life. However, we must identify the best things to do to achieve the best result, we must build our confidence as there are lots of opportunities in printing business” Eleja said.

Eleja further admonished printers to make better use of their time and also put in more effort to devote themselves to the printing industry as well as develop courage and confidence as that is what is needed during a time like this. He stated

Also, a council member of Chartered Institute of Professional Printers of Nigeria (CIPPON) Mr. Niyi Adesoye – one of the speakers during the Webinar spoke on the importance of Maintaining Healthy Competition amongst printers.
He urged all printers to have a rethink and begin to see printing as a business and not just a job. His words: “Everyone of us must have a re-think that what we are doing is not just a job, but a business. It is when we have this new mindset that we can position our businesses to grow.

Adesoye also spoke on Printers having a proper understanding of how to develop their print business by counting their cost. According to him, many printers don’t count their cost when they want to carry out jobs, as a result of this they end up doing a low-quality job for their customers.

Adesoye further emphasized the need for Printers to be conscious of the factors that increases cost in printing such as cost of power, consumables, and a lot more

Furthermore, Adesoye enumerated five ways printers should position their business to succeed post COVID-19 which includes: accepting change and adapting to new ways to carrying out tasks, printers creating a to do list, reducing pressure, take time to review performance and being discrete.

The Welfare Secretary of KAMPA, Mr. Bello Ibrahim juxtaposed with CEO of Dolphin Press, Mr. Victor Balogun spoke intensely on Maintaining Printing Secrecy separately as they addressed participants. According to Mr. Bello, in our contemporary society of today it has become more challenging to maintain secrecy with print jobs because of the clamor for collaboration and sharing of ideas. He however said, that despite these challenges, printers have the obligation to maintain secrecy with their client’s job, a situation where a print job gets into public domain even before it comes out of the press does not build loyalty with customers. He therefore advised fellow printers to secure access and exit points especially their production areas by installing CCTVs. He added that waste materials from the press should be properly shredded and disposed as they many times contain sensitive information that must not get into the wrong hands.
In his words, Comrade Jerry Uka listed the benefits printers can enjoy when they maintain secrecy with customers’ job. This includes Development of brand, customer loyalty which will keep customers returning when they know their job is secure while in our domain. ‘’There is need for us printers to change our thought pattern as this always reflect in the way we carry on our business.’’ He stated.