PRINTING United Alliance Shines Spotlight on Women in Print this March

PRINTING United Alliance, North America’s leading printing and graphic arts association, has announced its dedication to honoring the achievements of women in the printing industry as part of Women’s History Month. Through its Women in Print Alliance initiatives and planned content across Alliance media channels, including the third year of a special dedicated podcast series on its Impressions Xchange podcast, the Alliance celebrates the invaluable contributions of women in the field. Follow Women in Print Alliance resources and activities at:

Women in Print Alliance: Celebrating Progress and Inspiring Growth

During the month of March, the Women in Print Alliance continues its ongoing mission to attract, advance, and advocate for women in the print industry while also taking a moment to reflect on the lessons learned from past women leaders in the print community.

Follow #WomenMakingPrintHistory on LinkedIn to recognize and learn from the contributions of women to the printing industry through a month-long social media campaign. Women in Print Alliance aims to use its LinkedIn channel as a platform for women leaders, educators, innovators, and rising stars to exchange dialogue and engage with their peers. Additionally, the popular Women in Print Alliance newsletter serves to educate and inspire women in the industry, providing valuable insights and resources for women at all stages of their careers.

In 2024, Women in Print Alliance will expand opportunities for women in the industry to connect, including at the annual Women in Print Alliance Luncheon at the PRINTING United Expo. This year’s luncheon, scheduled for September 11 in Las Vegas, is expected to be another sell-out event.

Looking ahead, Women in Print Alliance plans to introduce a new membership option for individual women and companies to deepen their commitment to and elevate their experiences within the Alliance. This new membership will offer a range of virtual and in-person benefits, with programming focused on career development, executive leadership, and work-life balance. Stay updated by following Women in Print Alliance on LinkedIn or subscribing to the newsletter.

Lisbeth Lyons Black, director of Women in Print Alliance, emphasizes the living history of women in print and the desire among women across the industry to share knowledge and experiences. “There’s a sense of pride in what women have pioneered and accomplished in print,” says Black. “The month of March is a wonderful time to honor those strides while also focusing on growing the presence and impact of women throughout the industry.”

Special Women in Print Podcast Series and Content Spotlight Women in Printing

For the third consecutive year, Printing Impressions, an Alliance media brand, will present a special podcast series hosted by Denise M. Gustavson, editorial director of media brands for the Alliance, honoring women in the printing industry. Each week, women in the industry will share their stories of triumphs and challenges, providing insights into the future of printing.

“I’m thrilled to host this special podcast highlighting the remarkable women in our industry,” says Gustavson. “The third annual podcast series for Women’s History Month is not just inspiring—it’s a powerful reminder of the diverse talent driving innovation in printing. Each episode delves deep into the journeys, challenges, and triumphs of women making their mark on the industry.”