Verbatim Report on Let Nigeria Print Jobs Remain in Nigeria Launch

Printers Digest magazine verbatim report on the Chartered Institute of Professional Printers of Nigeria  dinner/ campaign launch, tagged: Let Nigeria Print Jobs Remain in Nigeria on the break of an awareness campaign for the institute  held recently in Abuja

Except from interviews conducted at the event:

“As a representative of the government and a member of this body (CIPPON). We are trying everything possible to ensure we work together with CIPPON for the Development of the Printing Industry and the country at large. We are impressed with what the current executive council members of CIPPON. We believe with this consistency, the government will hear our voice and yield to our request; our plan is to support CIPPON in our own capacity so that they help educate the young printers to become professionals and the Federal has also open a platform called the Nigerian youth investment fund (NYIF), we encourage the young printers to register for this programme for their benefit and that of the industry”. Ittu Tommy Ittu- Representative of Minister of Information & Federal Government Printer



“We are embarking on creating a 10 years capacity developmental plan that will intentionally create jobs, spread the common wealth and ensure that Nigeria jobs remain in Nigeria.

creating the next generation printing industry leaders is at the forefront of our restructuring programmes and by the grace of God, we shall deliver to the industry an enviable training institute for education of the printers and skills development. Every aspect of the industry will be trained and certified for professionalism. Without any doubt , the industry is set on a part of  greatness and for those who were inducted, we welcome you to the exciting  things ahead, and to every of our member, we invite you to join hands with us in changing the narratives of the industry, to make the printing industry profitable again. It is a task for all”. Malomo Olugbemi- President and Chairman in Council


We are trying every possible best to monitor every quality printing jobs that comes out. Beginning from first quarter of 2021, we will begin the inspection of  all printers and producers of copyright works in Nigeria and that is why NCC is set to work with CIPPON to ensure the restructuring on the industry.

We shall do everything possible to curb the issue of piracy in printing industry. We are working towards next year which will enable professional printers and publishers to enjoy their work in such a way that whosoever that does not get certification from us will not be able to sell their products because we believe integrity is the backbone of any organization or country “Mr. John O. Asein” Director General Nigeria Copyright Commission.



“The challenge of taking Nigeria print jobs abroad to execute has been a concern to us because Nigeria has professional printers who can successfully execute these jobs here in Nigeria .

Going forward, I have  started making  moves in the house to ensure we organize an examination for printers who can handle government print jobs and also create an avenue for printers to source for funds to execute their contract and pay back, we believe it will be a reality for the government to print Nigerian jobs in Nigeria in no time, once we are able to put things in place”.

Hon. Oghene Emma Egoh. House of Representative on compliance