Canon Adapting To Digitalisation In 2020

The industry has seen a lot of disruption in the last year from increasingly complicated security threats through to keeping up with the immediacy customers now expect. As businesses look ahead to 2020, that rate of change has only intensified. Canon looks at key trends. Collaboration is key – Caroline Serfass, Senior VP and CIO, Canon Europe


As time goes on, digitisation is moving more to the front office and customer-facing processes. Digitising how we communicate with customers tends to be more fast paced, as their needs change so much more often than our finance regulations and processes.

How can businesses take on this challenge in 2020? Companies need to find a way of working differently to keep up with the speed of change, such as adopting more agile principles. Agile is now more than just the way IT works, it’s a way of collaborating across functions.


When IT departments let other functions lead technology decisions, they have an order-taking mindset. The department leads might believe they have surveyed the whole world and they’re sure this is the best product. But that’s the wrong way round. If technical people only dealt with the technical side, you would be surprised what opportunities you could miss for the company. It’s when we collaborate that we create value.


In 2020, IT leaders need to take more responsibility and ownership of doing the right thing for the company. That means not being afraid to step into conversations that are not just about IT but about achieving business goals. I say to people: don’t ask for permission, you are as important as anyone else.