I know something inside you doubts the title you just read above, but it very true. Although I also doubted it myself the first time I heard it during an internal meeting organized by my company. I came to the realization that it is actually true after few arguments and now I am writing to you reading this that connecting to your customers and employees digitally is cheaper than physical meetings.

Well if you have the financial capability and well-to-do you have no problem if you still decide to do it the traditional way. But this write up might still be of huge help to you.

The problem from the onset is we have been use to the traditional ways of doing things and thus shunned new methods to execute plans and strategies. We always want to stick the normal process, and this happens to be the difference between the smart and the un-smart. Some people who appear to be smart aren’t that smart, they just flow with the trend and play at the top class.

What is the trend now? What seem to be the top class now? Looking at the title of this article the answer is not far-fetched.

This crisis isn’t going to go away and then our 2019 reality show back up again. COVID-19 has changed the mindset of how we work; I don’t think it’s ever going back to the way it was. The new normal will be optimized based on everything we learned we could do without commuting to an office. Connecting employees and customers digitally saves time and money.

Going about business the traditional way makes us spend money on transport fare, fuel as well as electricity and other miscellaneous attachment. Take a few time to think deep and do some little calculation on the money you would spend the traditional way comparing it to working from home and having an internet facility, you will realize the latter is gain. If after doing your calculation you realize your employees cannot work from home throughout the week, you share it for them to work from home some days and come to the physical office the other days.

Digital transformation should be a key goal for your print business during COVID-19. With many printers having some portion of their staff working from home, this is the ideal time to force processes and trust in your new systems, which is the new normal (because you can’t rely on face-to-face communication) with employees working from home. The software systems run your business; your people run the systems.

Now is also a good time to work on your employees by training them on how to go about working from home effectively. A greater power of your company lies within your employees; if they can’t deliver effectively then the company can’t be efficient.