How to Prepare for a Sustainable Future in Flexible Packaging

Sustainability is one of the main pillar when it comes to creating a profitable and successful future for flexible packaging production.

Printers Digest understands that sustainability is not only restricted to the production of the packaging itself, but relates to the entire value chain, from raw materials to final disposal by end consumer after use. To enable new demands for sustainability of packaging applications, it is necessary to develop new functional materials that meet the needs for both product protection and recyclability.

Printers should takes pride in providing converters with a comprehensive range of solutions, enabling them to offer their customers innovative and environmentally friendly alternatives that reduce the ecological footprint of flexible packaging.

Using BOBST oneBARRIER product line as a case study

BOBST oneBARRIER product line, is a range of alternative and sustainable solutions that deliver cost-effective recyclable packaging with exceptional barrier performance. oneBARRIER PrimeCycle is a full-barrier PE solution, which is EVOH free and topcoat free, and ready to recycle as an alternative to conventional PE films. oneBARRIER FibreCycle is a new mono-material, fibre-based packaging solution developed in partnership with Michelman and UPM made entirely from paper and compatible with existing recycling systems.

But sustainability is not restricted only to materials, the entire production process must be considered. Inks, substrates, energy, people, and time, among other resources, are essential to building the future reality we seek, in combination with BOBST’s equipment which is designed to optimize the packaging production chain.

Time savings – Developed with modular and compact concepts, BOBST equipment has the ability to deliver both installation speed, as well as agility in setup and job changes.

Inks savings – With BOBST’s oneECG (Extended Color Gamut) technology, you can achieve perfect color consistency regardless of operator skill, while reducing ink consumption by up to 30%.

Substrate savings – Zero fault packaging is already a reality for BOBST. In addition to the agility in setup and job changes, BOBST’s inspection systems deliver perfect products continuously, reducing waste virtually to zero.

Energy savings – Thanks to the innovative design with intelligent drive and advanced ventilation systems, BOBST equipment deliver great savings in energy consumption.