How Well Do You Know The CIPPON ACT?

19.—–(1) The registrar shall:
(a) Correct in accordance with the council’s directions any entry in the register, which the council directs him to correct as being in the council’s opinion an entry which was incorrectly made;

(b) Make from time to time any necessary alterations to the registered particulars of registered person;

(c) remove from the relevant part of the register the name of any registered person who has died, or as the case may be has ceased to be entitled to be registered; and

(d) Record the names of members of the institutes who are in default for more than four months in the payment of annual subscriptions and to take such action in relation thereto (including removal for the names of defaulters from the register) as the council may direct.

(2) If the registrar:
(i) sends by the post to any registered person, a registered letter addressed to him at his address on the Register enquiring whether the registered particulars relating to him are correct and receives no reply to the letter within the period of three months from the date of posting, and

(ii) upon the expiration of that period sends in like manner to the person in question a second similar letter and receives no reply to that letter within a further period of three months from the day of posting it, the registrar may remove the particulars relating to the person in question from the relevant part of the register:

Provided that the board may for any reason which seems to it be sufficient, direct the registrar to restore to the appropriate part of the register any particulars removed therefrom under this subsection.

20. — (1) The registrar shall:
(a) cause a list of persons whose names and qualifications are indicated in the register to be printed, published and put on sale to members of the public not later than two years from the beginning of the year in which this Act comes into force;

(b) In each year after that in which a registrar is first published under paragraph

(a) Of this subsection, to cause to be printed, published and put on sale as aforesaid either a corrected edition on the registrar or a list of a alterations made to the register since it was last printed; and

(c) To cause a print of each edition of the register and each list of corrections to be deposited at the principal office of the council, and it shall be the duty of the council to keep the register and lists so deposited open at all reasonable times for inspection by members of the public.

(2) a document purporting to be print of an edition of a registrar published under this session by authority of the registrar in the current year, or documents purporting to be prints of an edition of a register so published in previous year and of a list of corrections to that edition so published in the current year, shall (without prejudice to any other mood of proof) be admissible in any proceedings as evidence that any person specified in the document, the documents read together, as being fully or provisionally registered is so registered and that any person not so specified is not registered.