How Well Do You Know The CIPPON ACT?

  1. —– (1) where:

(a) A person registered or professionally registered under this Act is judged by the Tribunal to be guilty of infamous conduct in any professional respect; or

(b) A person or corporate body is convicted by any court or Tribunal in Nigeria or elsewhere for an offence (whether or not punishable with imprisonment) which in the opinion of the Disciplinary Tribunal is incompatible with the status of a practitioner; or

(c) The Tribunal is satisfied that the name of any person has been fraudulently registered; the Tribunal may, if it thinks fit, give a directive reprimanding that person or ordering the registrar to strike his name off the relevant part of the register.

(2) The Tribunal may, if thinks fit, defer or further defer its decision as to the giving of a directive under subsection (1) of this section until a subsequent meeting of the Tribunal; but:

(a) No decision shall be deferred under this subsection for this periods exceeding two years in the aggregate, and

(b) No person shall be a member of the Tribunal for the purpose of reaching a decision, which has been deferred or further deferred unless he was present as a member of the Tribunal when the decision was deferred or further deferred.

(3) For the purpose of subsection (1) of this section, a person shall not be treated as convicted unless the conviction stands at a time when no appeal or further appeal is pending or may (without extension of time) be brought in connection with the conviction.

(4) When the Tribunal gives a direction under subsection (1) of this section, it shall cause notice of the direction to be served on the person on whom it relates.

(5) A person to whom such a direction relates may, at any time within twenty eight days from the date of service on him of the notice of the direction, appeal against the direction to the High Court of a State; and the Tribunal may appear as responsible to the appeal and, for the purpose of enabling directions to be given as to the costs of the appeal and of proceedings before the Tribunal, shall be deemed to be a party here to whether or not it appears on the hearing of the appeal.

(6) A direction of the Tribunal under, subsection (1) of this section shall take effect:

(a) Where no appeal under this section is brought against the direction within the time limited for the appeal, on the expiration of that time;

(b) Where an appeal is brought and is withdrawn or struck out for want of prosecution, on the withdrawal or striking out of the appeal.

(c) Where an appeal is filed and is not withdrawn or struck out  as aforesaid, if and when the appeal is dismissed;  and shall not take effect  except in accordance with the foregoing provisions of this subsection.

(7) a person whose name is removed from the register in pursuance of a direction of the tribunal under this section shall not be entitled to be registered again except in pursuance of a direction in that behalf given by the tribunal on the application of that person.

(8) A direction under this section for the removal of a person’s name from the register may prohibit an application under this section by the that person until the expiration of such period from the date of the direction (and where he has duly made such an application, from the date of his last application) as may be specified in the direction.

  1. —(1) where a person satisfies the Council:

(a) That he has been selected for employment for a specified period in a capacity in which a person registered as a printing professional under this Act is qualified to be employed and that he is or intends to be a Nigeria temporarily for the purpose of serving for that period in the employment in question; and

(b) that he has passed examination necessary for obtaining some qualification granted outside Nigeria which is for time being accepted by the council as in respects to the capacity in which if employed he is to serve the council may if it thinks fit, give a direction that he shall temporarily registered as a printing professional.

(2) The temporary registration of a person shall continue only while he is in such employment be it private or government as is mentioned in subsection (1) (a) of this section and shall cease at the end of the period of the employment specified to the council under that subsection or on the prior determination of the employment, whichever first occurs. Provided that nothing in this subsection shall preclude the council from giving a further direction under the subsection (1) of this section in respect of a specified period of another such employment.

(3) A person who is temporarily registered shall in relation to this employment as mentioned in subsection (1) (a) of this section; and to things done or omitted to be done in the course of that employment, be deemed to be fully registered, but in relation to all other matters he shall be treated as not as registered.

(4) In case of doubt as to whether a person’s employment has been terminated, the decision of the council shall be conclusive for the purpose of subsection (2) of this section.

(5) The registrar, as directed from time to by the council, shall remove from the registrar the name of any person ceasing to be entitled to the benefit of this section.