Keep it Smart and Creative

It’s good to say ‘hi’ again to you that reading this piece of writing. We will be discussing guides to dressing for work for the next few editions; hence, we may consider the flow as a series. It is also good worthy to note that “Research tells us that what we wear affects how we think”.

In the fashion world, with designer labels and high heels, we’ve come a long way since clothing was about nothing more than modesty and warmth. And yet, for many of us, what we wear for work has become automatic and habitual. We drag on a suit each day, out of routine, nothing more. Or we slouch about in baggy casual gear because we’re freelance, or working remotely, so we can.

By dressing mindlessly like this we’re ignoring the large amount of evidence showing the profound effect of clothing on our thinking style, on how we feel, and on the way others perceive us. Starting today, you can use clothing and props to improve your work performance. Let us consider this first but simple text in this edition.


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