New Leaf Paper Announces Support of SGP

New Leaf Paper are advancing its mission to provide sustainable-business solutions and combat destructive climate change, This has teamed with the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) as it brings together different business departments and organizations to support supply-chain sustainability.

The Chief Operating Officer, COO, Paul Bradshaw emphasized that “New Leaf Paper and The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership share environmental commitments.”

“Both organizations support a more sustainable print-supply chain through education and innovation. Together, we can be advocates for changing purchasing behaviors today to manifest a sustainable paper industry tomorrow.”

Bradshaw added that partnership brings together printers, purchasing departments, suppliers and educational institutions to support a sustainable print-supply chain. Through SGP, printers, print buyers, suppliers and supporting organizations work together to drive the sustainable business practices that today’s customer’s demand. Both SGP and New Leaf Paper are committed to helping customers and consumers find sustainable solutions that meet all of their business needs.

This latest partnership is just one of many recent partnerships and success stories from New Leaf Paper and its commitment to its mission. The certified B-Corporation in recent months has announced partnerships with HP’s Sustainable Forest Collaborative and Canopy’s Ancient and Endangered Forest Conservation & Eco Paper Production Policy.