One-On-One with MD/CEO of FAMOUS TASTE

“I want to commend Printers Digest Magazine for their effort in bringing positive change to the Nigeria Printing Industry through various publications done in the magazine for the past years. We cannot talk about the struggle to restructure Chartered Institute of Professional Printers of Nigeria (CIPPON) without talking about the role played by Printers Digest Magazine in the struggle. I have known them for over two decades and they have never relented their effort in the struggle for once. I wish them more success in the industry and I hope they are going to sell part of their shares to people like us” These were the words of the Managing Director of Famous Taste and CIPPON council member – Mr. Niyi Adesoye during a one-on-one interview with him recently in Abuja

Q: For the sake of our readers, who do not know you, kindly introduce yourself Sir

A: My name is Niyi Adesoye and I am a license printer and a member of CIPPON council member of 2019 under the leadership of Printer Gbemi Malomo who is pioneering the affairs of the institute. Under his leadership, we have looked at the foundation on how to make printing more profitable again in Nigeria and have the public confidence back in carrying out their printing business here in Nigeria. Looking at the challenge facing the industry, it looks cumbersome but I believe under the leadership of Printer Malomo, we will be able to do more in  repositioning the industry to the industry of our dreams and make printing more profitably for professionals in Nigeria. We have taken a giant step to ask for input from various professionals in programme that we have put together and we are looking out for professional volunteers to serve in various committees we have.

Q: There are lots of expectations from the industry practitioners to this current administration; can you pinpoint some of the things current administration has done?

A: Before now, there was no standard platform for Chartered Institute of Professional Printers of Nigeria to operate with. No office, no proper record of members, No examination for intending members and so on.  Currently, we are putting things in the right direction in order to set the pace for the industry. Setting of pace requires a lot of task, time and logistics and we have started in a good direction in ensuring that a lot of things are put  into place especially the foundation at being licensed member and to ensure that every licensed member adequately benefit from the institute. I can assure you that within a short period of time, this set of council member will do a lot to bring the confidence back to the institute and all print practitioners will identify with CIPPON.

Q:  As a leader representing the Abuja zone, how do you want to ensure CIPPON works in this northern part of the country?

A: In this journey, it is not a-one man show but everybody’s responsibility. We all are working to ensure things work out well. Federal Capital Territory is big and been the seat of power where Mr. President seats, a lot of policy making takes here, we are working hard to ensure our input is incorporated in decision that affects our sector.

What is your expectation from government as a printer?

The expectation from government is to ensure that they listen to us. We have the number one printers here in Abuja and we are doing a lot to make sure that the government listens to us and make favourable policies for our industry.