To say he is down to earth, may, to some extent describe the humane attribute of Izzat Debs, Managing Director, Skaysat Technologies, a company that is sole representative of the Konica Minolta brand of digital printing machines in Nigeria and other west African countries.

Izzat who gave the duo of PRINTERS DIGEST Editor Samuel Nwaekwu and Reporter Emmanuel Osere an insight into his personal life, business thinking and vision for Skysat Technologies as a company for the next half a decade during a recent visit to his office said:

“Actually I as a Nigerian, because I see myself as “Oyibo” Nigerian, I have always believe that Nigeria is great country with lots of resources – human and material – and with a lot of potentials that include the population strength of over 180 million people. This proves that the potentials of this great nation is unstoppable”

Commenting on the economic challenges of Nigeria, this is what Izzat has to say: “Even though we as a nation are going through recession right now, this does not erode the fact that there is a growing middle class in Nigeria and it will continue growing. A much more testament to this include the fact that the CEO of Facebook Mark Zukerberg just showed up in Nigeria. You would want to ask, Why Nigeria of all nations in Africa? That is to show how much believe he has in the Nigerian market, I mean the market is tremendous when it comes to IT”.

“Already, we are IT compliant. Our products are related to IT so the growth is tremendous. The products that we are selling – the Konica Minolta multi function peripheral or Brother – these are not just machines but they are exceptionally smart machines. They do more than just printing. These are also machines that can do different things like scanning, all kinds of different IT functions are related into our machines.”.

Born about forty-seven years ago in Eti-Osa Local Government Area of Lagos State, Izzat enjoys some African delicacies like fufu and Egusi soup even though he has tasted Ewedu soup. He also like eating Suya meat.

Izzat who is a father of three loves sporting. He plays variety of games like Squash, long tennis. “But now I do the tracks. like to run. Because of my love for running, I participated in the COPENHAGAN marathon in 2012 where i ran for 4-hours and 42 minutes to finish. It was a very tough marathon, about 42 kilometers. Today, for me to keep the passion alive, I still run like 5-6 kilometers everyday and this is my favourite sport right now, I like to swim also, I like water sports a lot yes on Sunday I go to the beach”.