Printer Olumide Adeboye who is resident in Abeokuta has claimed that printing business in the Gateway State has returned with a bang.

Speaking with PRINTERS DIGEST in an interview, the print boss who was a participant at the first of its kind FESPA Forum which was organized in partnership with DCS Integrated Media limited and held in Lagos said, “the situation of printing in the state was before now, a force to reckon with. But somehow along the line, it seem we (industry practitioners in the state) missed it and this forced a migration to urban areas of Lagos State”.

Lagos State is a neighbouring city which was at a time the capital city of the country Nigeria. According Printer Adeboye, “Ogun State, i think could no longer cope with so many of issues that borders on infrastructure and with the commercial strength of Lagos, we experienced exodus of capable hands and these people came and settle down to make printing what it is not only in Lagos State, but in Nigeria at large”,

“But I can tell you with all form of honesty and confidence that printing is fast returning to the Gateway State. Those who migrated then and have many persons trained under them are coming back home. They are now returning with their wealth of experience and expertise. But do you know why? Lagos is now too saturated. No space to accomodate their machines. No space to exhaustively function as a printer ought to do. The only place they now find the needed land mass is in Ogun State. An their candid decision to look this way is now creating that sense of home is good”, he enthused.