Techkon Spectrodensitometer Trade-In Program: Trade-in your legacy spectro handheld for a new device.

CTGA has called upon their Customers who have a legacy spectrodensitometer handheld exchange for a new device.

Take advantage of Techkon’s trade-in opportunity and receive cash for your old device. Through June 30, 2019, trade-in your old spectrodensitometer for a new SpectroDens Advanced or SpectroDens Premium and receive up to $1000 for your old device.

This is a great opportunity to finally make that upgrade you’ve been putting off. If you accept shipment of a new Techkon SpectroDens Advanced or SpectroDens Premium model prior to the end of June, and return your old spectrodensitometer device, you will receive a check from Techkon up to $1,000 upon receipt of your old device. Many users are taking advantage of this promotion by trading in their outdated spectro handhelds.

Source: CTGA