Canon U.S.A. Launches New Research Report Series “Print In The Eye of the Buyer” Based on Insights From Over 200 Print Buyers and Influencers

Research Sheds Light on Print Buyer Experience with Print Communications and Their Printing Providers

In today’s environment, organizations have the flexibility to choose from a wide array of print providers and media options, beyond traditional print, to help them meet their marketing and communications needs. Despite having a variety of communication options, organizations must have a clear understanding of customer expectations, technology knowledge, and perceptions of applications and providers in order to help meet growing customer needs.

Looking to define those key buyer expectations, Canon U.S.A., Inc. sponsored a study and white papers, “Print in the Eye of the Buyer”, with NAPCO Research. Based on insights from over 200 surveyed print buyers and influencers in early 2020, the survey research and resulting series of white papers revealed essential insights and strategies to guide print service providers in meeting customer expectations, enhancing buyer experiences, and improving customer outreach and engagement.

As 62 percent of survey respondents find that customer feedback is a top priority when measuring the effectiveness of print marketing communications, it is important for businesses to understand print buyers’ demands and expectations, especially for directing investments in sales, marketing, and technology. Through statistics such as this, the “Print in the Eye of the Buyer” study can offer print providers insights into helpful ways they can engage with customers, build loyalty and, hopefully, attract new business in a highly competitive market.

The research is being summarized in five white papers that are currently scheduled to be published over the next few months:

Identifying and Meeting the Needs of Today’s Customers
Identifying Print’s Role in the New Communication Mix
Enhancing the In-Plant Customer Experience
Enhancing the Print Customer Experience
Navigating Customer Purchasing/Procurement Processes