DCS Integrated Media Reinvent Into a Wholesome Media Company

It was a triple celebration as DCS Integrated Media limited, a leading media, marketing, event management and consulting firm in the Nigeria printing sector reinvent into a wholesome Media, Marketing and Events management company, to service the entire sector of the economy.
The recently celebrated reinvention ceremony at Lagos Sheraton Hotel, tagged – Re-imagined and Reinvented had the unveiling of the company’s flagship – Printers Digest Magazine 100th edition alongside a business luncheon for the Managing Directors and Chief Executive Officers of companies in Nigeria

According to the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the company, Mr. Tunde Obokhai in his opening speech said: “For more than two decades we have been providing innovative marketing and management consultancy solutions for uplifting the standard of printing business in Nigeria. Since then, we have been responsible for supporting many print businesses to create awareness and grow their market share and business in the Nigeria printing industry. Going forward, we have decided to leverage on the extensive experience we have gained in providing media relations services through our publications like Printers Digest and marketing communications events like NIPEX by reinventing our business to a wholesome media relations, marketing and events management company. We shall be offering a full suite of cutting-edge services which will include publications, brand awareness, print, digital, social media, public relations, and media and communications training services, corporate events management, product launches, exhibition and our services will now also be extended to all sectors of the local and international community”. Mr. Obokhai stated

The guest speaker at the Business Luncheon titled: Reinventing your business for profitability, Dr. Dolapo Tukuru – the Chief Executive Officer of Eduxtra Solutions Limited, said most business owners don’t have the capability to use data to their advantage and that is a big problem. Tukuru said: “We need to start thinking about how to use data to our advantage as business executives, any company designed for success must innovate. Most companies are afraid of making mistakes, most businesses we have today was born out of scarcity mindset, what we have today is abundance of mindset. I remember when growing up, every Christmas we go for exposure and we are very careful with every picture we take as it is minus one but today, you can take as many pictures as possible and upload all on Instagram without restriction on the number of pictures you can post – that is abundant mindset”. He said

Tukuru added: “Many of us wants to innovate but there is culture that resist innovation, as a matter of fact, nobody pays anyone for innovating, but they pay people for their jobs. Nobody wants to disrupt their own growth. We are going to be reinventing ourselves for profitability. We are busy with operations without putting time out for strategic frameworks to innovate. Most business find it difficult to transform, if we don’t transform or reinvent, how do we make progress in our business?” He inquired

The Chairman of the advisory board of DCS Integrated Media Limited, Dr. Rotimi Oladele during his speech assured the company of his team unwavering support, he said: “We are going to build synergy, draw action plan, create linkages and also influence role assignment as the advisory board of the company”.

Furthermore, the president of the Chartered Institute of Professional Printers of Nigeria (CIPPON), Mr. Olugbemi Malomo at the luncheon called on his colleagues to support the company in their line of business, he said: “Let us celebrate our own. DCS Integrated Media have laid a good foundation of pioneering in this industry and a lot of people have benefited from what we do in the Nigeria printing industry through this company locally and at the international scene”.