Window cling marketing Tips

This is the third issue in this series and it brings us tips on how we can maximize the potentials of using window clings to our own very advantage as entrepreneurs. Remember in our first discuss on this series, we brought to fore the understanding of window clings as a veritable marketing tools that is both effective and affordable. On our second thought, we talked about using window clings to market yourself, pointing to us some strategic ways to position them for success.

Truth be told: Window cling marketing is a compelling, affordable way to spread the word about your business and products without breaking the bank. Window cling marketing is highly effective because it commands attention, brand your business, and can motivate both immediate and delayed response. Window clings are also some of the most cost-efficient marketing devices because they can be used again and again, season after season, year after year. Whether you’re a retailer, restaurant, service or web-based business, you can benefit from the following window cling marketing tips:

  1. Be Bold

One of the greatest advantages of window cling marketing is that you can contrast against your environment. If your retail store or restaurant is located in a row of similar-looking buildings or in a strip mall, you can command attention with brightly colored, large, authoritative window clings. Large text headlines, subheads or copy blocks, brightly coloured or in oversized lettering to be noticed, are trademarks of good window cling marketing: You want to be noticed by everyone who passes.

  1. Use Images

A picture is worth 1,000 words, so it pays to use large images for your window clings. You can be funny, serious or anything in between as long as you make a point. A classic example is the glass cleaner company that printed window clings that made it appear as though shoppers were walking face-first into windows. The point? The glass cleaner was so effective no one could tell the glass was there. Restaurants in particular can make use of menu-item images, coupled with bold, colorful price discount copy, to attract attention for their establishments. The combination of savvy marketing with the psychological effect of seeing good food versus hunger is powerful indeed.

  1. Go Seasonal and Annual

Window clings are especially cost-effective when used to promote seasonal and annual events. The reason is that they can be used many times over, season after season, year after year; so you pay for your window cling design and printing once, but can use your window clings for many years thereafter. This drives the actual cost per use – not to mention the cost per acquisition – way down, so window clings are incredibly cost-efficient marketing devices.

  1. Wander a Bit

There’s no rule that says window clings can only be used on-location. Web-based companies have for years used window clings to drive traffic to their online businesses. One good strategy is to locate vacant store fronts with plenty of window space and see if you can work out a deal with the property owners to place your window clings. Investors have to pay utility bills, taxes, and other maintenance fees even when they don’t have tenants, so you can probably rent the space cheap to help offset those bills until they fill the spot.

Other opportunities exist with non-competing businesses that do not use all of their window space. See if you can strike similar deals with established businesses, especially smaller businesses that have more window space than they can use.

See you at the top!