This happens to be the best time to evaluate one’s business and restrategize plan as a result of the current catastrophe. It is no news that businesses are closing, companies are laying off members of their staff and also cost of commodities are tremendously high. At a time like this one must be apt to critically think on ways to avoid negative stories concerning business and you would agree with me that the print business is extremely affected by the present economy breakdown.

You have a company website? Good! This is the time to make effective use of that option. Also with or without a web-to-print option, you will want to market! The internet is one tool that you will need to execute that task this period. So, let’s look at some basic marketing options to help you stay in business!

1. Find Out What Your Current Customers Need And Build An Offer – It may be different than what they usually buy from you. It may be new direct mail to send to their customers. It may be employee communication. There are numerous opportunities, but be sensitive as you build your reach-out plan. They may be interested in a DM campaign to stay visible to their customers. Try to find different price points to attract even the most reluctant customers.

2. Use Direct Mail to Stay Visible – This is the time to build a campaign, stay in touch, and remind your customers of what you can do. If you have variable data competence, consider spotlighting the last big job you did for each client as part of the program.

3. Get Involved in Community Newsletters and Newspapers – There is a business journal or community newsletter in virtually every community. Some are produced by the local chamber of commerce or economic development council, while others are commercial endeavors. If you are not involved with these groups, this is the time to get involved and buy a sponsorship or some ad space to get visible in your local community.

4. Find the Trade Magazines and Websites That Inform Your Clients ¬- Every market division has its magazines, newsletter, and websites. They may be online, in print, or both. You serve in the printing industry, for example, look at printer’s Digest Magazine and also our newsletters. If you serve retail, look for the retail trade publications that fit the markets your customer serves. Find out if you can subscribe to newsletter and magazine and do so.