As Nigerians continue the search on how to bequeath a more rewarding future for the younger generation, one man who has lend his voice to the way forward is Alhaji Aliyu Gudaji.

Addressing students of printing technology department of various Nigerian polytechnics who have gathered for the student summit at the just concluded Nigeria International Print Expo (NIPEX) 2016 which held at the Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos from 18 – 20 August, 2016, Gudaji held that the printing industry was a sure way out for the employment challenge of the nation.

Lamenting the level of rot and decay occasioned by wanton abandonment of machineries and manpower over the years, Gudaji said “I think it is good we inform younger generations the enormous potentials of printing profession and this include key and strategic platform that will create huge employment. But the case with Nigeria is both that of poor manpower due to lack of quality human development and indescribable disinterest from government both at the federal and state levels”.

Analyzing the state of affairs of printing presses across states and at the centre, Gudaji noted that the larger number of the presses were on the downturn with various moves by concerned persons and groups at seeking her resuscitation often hitting brick walls. According to Gudaji, this has been so because political leaders in this state’s sees no value in doing printing business especially when it concerns building a viable state economy using every instrumentality available.

Calling on all stakeholders, concerned citizens and groups as well as affected state government to look beyond the act of ink on paper and do the business in doing printing business, Gudaji advised that it is now expedient for some state government to take a cue from the laudable projects of revamping a government owned printing press by the Babatunde Raji Fashola government of Lagos State to build a better economy and quantum employment of her youth.